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01-015 – ¿Qué hora es? – Telling time with “menos”

¡Hola a todos!  In this video, we’ll be learning how to answer the question ¿Qué hora es? using menos. It’s an alternative way to talk about when the time is half passed the hour in some Spanish-speaking countries. Make sure to review your numbers 1-59 if you’re a little shaky on them!

Also, I hope you enjoy the graphics.  Sure, it’s nothing advanced, but I hope it makes it easier to learn for you! Enjoy!




Click here to download sheet with questions to write on for Practice.

Hope this was helpful to you!  Please leave any questions, comments or suggestions below!


¿Qué hora es? – What time is it?
1:00 – Es la una.
2:00 – Son las dos.
3:00 – Son las tres.
4:00 – Son las cuatro.
5:00 – Son las cinco.
6:00 – Son las seis.
7:00 – Son las siete.
8:00 – Son las ocho.
9:00 – Son las nueve.
10:00 – Son las diez.
11:00 – Son las once.
12:00 – Son las doce.
It’s noon – Es el mediodí­a.
It’s midnight – Es la medianoche.

1:10 – es la una y diez
2:20 – son las dos y veinte 
4:35 – son las cuatro y treinta y cinco
7:40 – son las siete y cuarenta
10:55 – son las diez y cincuenta y cinco

9:15 – Son las nueve y quince / cuarto
11:30 – Son las once y treinta / media

de la mañana – in the morning
de la madrugada – in the early morning
de la tarde – in the afternoon, early evening
de la noche – in the evening, at night
2:00 PM – Son las dos de la tarde.
6:00 AM – Son las seis de la mañana.


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  1. My studnets here in Florida love your videos and your T-shirts!
    You certainly help them and me reinforce the material. I am in awe of your energy and your dedication.
    Your videos have made a difference in my classroom! Thanks does not seem like quite enough! Many, many thanks and gratitude!
    Gracias Sr. Jordan!

  2. Thank you for these videos, the students love them and they are great for both introducing a theme and reviewing it at home. Make lesson planning much easier.

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