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01 Los quehaceres (chores)

¡Hola! In this video lesson, we’re covering some different quehaceres (chores) that one can do around the house. You might watch the previous video on la casa before watching this in case you need some of the names for the rooms of the house. Otherwise, you can just use the wordbank below. Enjoy!

más práctica

Feel free to leave any questions, comments or suggestions below this video. 😉


  • ayudar en casa – to help around the house
  • barrer el piso – to sweep the floor
  • cortar el pasto – to cut the grass
  • lavar el carro – to wash the car
  • lavar la ropa – to wash the clothes
  • lavar los trastes – to wash the dishes
  • limpiar el baño – to clean the bathroom
  • limpiar la mesa – to clean the table
  • ordenar el cuarto – to clean the room
  • pasar la aspiradora – to vacuum
  • poner la mesa – to set the table
  • sacar la basura – to take out the trash
  • sacudir los muebles – to dust the furniture
  • tender la cama – to make the bed

para las frases (for the sentences)

  • de – from, of
  • el baño – bathroom
  • el comedor – dining room
  • el garaje – garage
  • el jardín – yard; garden
  • el lavadero – laundry room
  • la cocina – kitchen
  • mi amigo – my friend
  • tener que – to have to [do something]

alternate versions:

  • el zacate – grass
  • la grama – grass
  • el césped -grass
  • recoger la cama – to make the bed
  • hacer la cama – to make the bed
  • recoger el cuarto – to clean the room
  • limpiar el cuarto – to clean the room
  • lavar los platos – to wash the dishes

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  2. La casa + Present tense: Vivir
tener que – to have to (do something)
tiene que – he/she has to / you (formal) have to
tienen que – they / you (plural) have to
tienes que – you have to

8 Responses

  1. Thank you very much for those videos.
    This slideshow is very helpful. And now it’s much more easier to remember the words 🙂
    When 3:41 is space needed between lavar_los? Or it can be joined like this?

  2. Rafael,
    That’s a wonderful question. I haven’t done a video on that yet but I don’t like to isolate things to just one video because the language has all sorts of little things that we need to grow accustomed to! This is one of them. Remember direct object pronouns? (lo,la,los,las)

    I have a video on them you might watch. They usually go before the verb phrase. But there are some exceptions where they can also go at the end of the phrase. On such exception is when we have an infinitive verb (ends in ‘r’). Then we can simply attach the ‘lo,la’ (it) or ‘los,las’ (them).

    In the sentence: “Juan tiene que lavarlos en la cocina.”
    I am saying “Juan has to wash them (the dishes) in the kitchen”

    I could have also said “Juan los tiene que lavar en la cocina.”

    They would mean the same thing.

    Hope that clarifies it for you!

    -Sr. J

  3. In your sentence…. Ahora te voy a decir… I want to say…Ahora voy decir te….
    and….como ayudan las personas… I want to say…. como las personas ayudan…

    I understand that I am referencing the english language but wish there was a rule to follow to help me grasp in which order the words should be placed.

  4. Gracias por todo, Señor Jordan.
    Estoy aprendiendo espanol en Corea con tu ayuda.
    Aprender espanol es muy divertido y intersante porque puedo ver los videos.
    No pueden escribir mucho en espanol en este momento
    pero quiero dar las gracias!

  5. hi senior,

    I really miss your video lessons. I still think that you are really good teacher.
    you give US the easy and direct way to learn the language.

    Shokran = Thank you

    Your student,

    Moza( UAE)

  6. Hi Jordan, I really like your videos. I’ve been living in Guadalajara and I find that I even though I am surrounded by Spanish-speakers everyday, I still benefit from an English-speaking teacher. Just a note: they say “platos” for dishes here.

  7. One more chore that’s important to know – mop the floor – how would you say that in Spanish?

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