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01065 Present Tense – Stem-Changing Verbs (e-ie)

Hola. In this lesson, we’ll be talking about verbs that go through a change in the middle. We call them stem-changing verbs. In this video, we discuss one type, those that change from e-ie.


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Additional help:

01 e ie stem changers1


  • ¿cuándo? – when?
  • decir – to say, to tell
    • dice – s/he says
    • está diciendo – s/he is saying [right now]
  • el basquetbol – basketball
  • el concierto – the concert
  • el jugo – juice
  • el planeta – planet
  • el tú – tea
  • esos / esas – those
  • existir – to exist
    • existo – I exist
  • hay – there is / there are
  • en – in, on, at
  • el hermano – brother
  • jamás – never
  • la banda – the band
  • la puerta – the door
  • las llaves – keys
  • la muchacha – girl
  • las películas de terror – horror movies
  • la vida – life
  • lo que – what (in statements)
  • los estudiantes – students
  • luego – later; then
  • no – no
  • nunca – never
  • otro – other
  • qué – what
  • ¿quién? – who?
  • si – if
  • siempre – always
  • su – his
  • todo el tiempo – all the time
  • tu – your
  • y – and

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8 Responses

  1. As a Spanish teacher, I LOVE your videos! They are especially helpful for review and also for those students who are absent and miss a lesson. Thank you for providing such a valuable resource free of charge!!

  2. Thank you so much. I’m studying for my final. Your videos are simple so I can apply them easily! Muchas gracias!

  3. Your videos are so incredible and have saved my life in Spanish class ! However, I am having a very hard time with stem changing verbs. The problem is that when we write a test the teacher does not tell us that certain verbs are stem changing verbs. We have learned over a hundred verbs now so I am not sure how I can tell which ones are stem changing or not. Is there any methods that you could suggest to help me identify stem changing verbs from other verbs? It just seems so incredibly hard. Thank you for your help.

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