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01-015 – ¿Qué hora es? – Telling time (part 2)

In this video lesson, we’ll be continuing our understanding of how to answer the question: ¿Qué hora es? We also learn a different way to tell the minutes after half past. Enjoy!

Please let me know if this was helpful! Questions, comments or suggestions are all welcome.

¿Qué hora es?
2:22 = Son las dos y veinte y dos. (veintidós)
5:40 = Son las cinco y cuarenta.
10:01 = Son las diez y uno.

cuarto – 15 minutes (fourth/quarter)
8:15 Son las ocho y quince. / Son las ocho y cuarto.
11:15 Son las once y quince. / Son las once y cuarto.

media – half past
1:30 Es la una y treinta. / Es la una y media.
7:30 Son las siete y treinta. / Son las siete y media.

menos – less
7:40 Son las siete y cuarenta / Son las ocho menos veinte.


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3 Responses

  1. Maybe I’m wrong, but wouldn’t 7:40 be – Son las ocho menos viente, or am I not getting it? I am in Mexico now, taking Spanish classes, but we found your class here on the internet and now we are doing both. Good job! Thank you.

  2. Sí. Muy bien. I think in the video (around 2:20) it says 7:40 as either ‘son las siete y cuarenta’ or ‘son las ocho menos veinte’. I did noticed in the vocab underneath the video it was wrong though! I fixed it. Gracias.

  3. Hi Senor Jordan,
    Thanks for your videos! Why are there two versions for telling time after 30 minutes. I only learned the “menos” way in high school, but now I see you say both ways are correct. Is it a regional thing? (Like, Latin America says it one way, Spain says it another way?) I’m confused. Thank you!

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