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01-016 – ¿Qué hora es? – Telling time (part 3)

¡Hola! In this lesson, I decided it was time to teach you some more ‘hip’ ways of telling time just in case you would have called me a liar for not teaching it. Enjoy!

Please let me know if this was helpful! Questions, comments and suggestions are all welcome.

¿Qué hora es?
– What time is it?
¿Qué horas son? – What time is it?
5:59 Es uno para las seis.
7:35 Son veinte y cinco para las ocho.


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10 Responses

  1. What if u don’t talk like that cuz I’m very bad at math I can just read time the normal way rigbt

  2. I just have a question…. two forms of “What time is it?”
    What’s differences between “Que hora es?” and “Que horas son?”
    I suppose that differences are related to its answers…. but I’m not sure. so please
    tell me what’s difference.


  3. Both are used. I am not sure if “¿Qué horas son?” is more of a slang expression or if it is considered “correct.”

    The difference in meaning is:

    ¿Qué hora es? – What hour is it?
    ¿Qué horas son? – What hours are they?

    Both mean ‘What time is it?’ and can be used though.

    -Sr. Jordan

  4. I am using your website to teach some homecshool students Spanish. Thank you for taking the time to teach others! We REALLY appreciate it!!!!

  5. If you can say, “Que hora es?” and “Que horas son?” could you say, “Que horas es?”

  6. I am a new manager in a primarily Spanish speaking facility. My co-workers are amazed at how quickly I am picking up conversational Spanish, and it is helping us succeed. Thank you so much!

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