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01-010- Me gusta (parte 1)

In this video, we’ll be learning how to discuss activities we like and do not like using the phrase “Me gusta”.

¿Qué te gusta? – What do you like?
(A ti) Te gusta _.
– You like __.
(A mí­) Me gusta __. – I like __.
(A mí­) No me gusta __. – I don’t like __.

– to swim
practicar deportes
– to practice sports
– to study
– to draw
ir al cine – to go to the movies
escuchar música – to listen to music
hablar por teléfono – to talk on the telephone
ver la televisión – to watch television
tocar la guitarra – to play guitar
trabajar – to work
cantar – to sing

y – and

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21 Responses

  1. muchos gracias! your videos are a blessing. Hope the Lord gives you more opportunities to help people who want to learn the spanish language. Just a question about No me gusta, how do you say in spanish I dont like you? No me gusta usted? just clarifying this cause the translator is not giving a good answer.

  2. Te gusta … – is a question or not? in video there is presented as question but below in “Vocabulario” it is showed as normal sentence – how it is?

  3. Te gusta can be both a question and a statement.

    In English we have to add words like ‘do’,’did’,’could’,’would’.

    In Spanish there are no extra words for questions. It’s all in the inflection.

    Te gusta = You like.
    ¿Te gusta? = Do you like?

  4. In that case, ‘te guste’ is used to express doubt after another verb…

    ¿Qué te gusta en Madrid? – What do you like in Madrid?

    ¿Qué hay que te guste? What is there that you (might) like? (Notice ‘hay’ is your first verb… and after ‘que’ we use ‘te guste’… which expresses some doubt about your tastes)

    It’s a little strange to the non-native speaker but I assure you it’s very normal.

    -Sr. J

  5. Thanks so much for doing these great videos. You are a natural when it comes to teaching.

  6. hi um i was wondering if u wanted to say i love to sing would it be me amo cantar i dont know plz help.

  7. For objects/verbs; often people use:
    Me encanta(n)… it’s like gustar…

    Me encanta cantar.
    I love to sing.
    Me encantan los deportes.
    I love sports.

    *n is added when the thing you love is more than one.

    -Sr. J

  8. I have found that the pop song ‘Me Gustas Tu’ is a great way to practice this phrase. I actually feel that it is helpful to listen to Spanish at a reasonably fast pace, because that is how people speak. I loved your game show in the ‘Decir’ video but I was wondering if you had any other recommendations for songs, kids shows, game shows, radio podcasts etc. that could be used for this sort of practice?

  9. Señor Jordan
    Thanks for making these videos. You are excellent. Each one has a tip that helps clear up confusing points when learning.
    Me gusta estudiar con Señor Jordan.


  10. Jordan
    Get your web master to reverse the date protocol so the newest is at the top. A 2008 date is listed first and makes the site look old.
    Great work otherwise.

  11. I hope that you continue with your videos . I have always wanted to learn spanish.
    I took a spanish 1 class last fall . I passed the class but my work schedule made it
    very difficult. So your videos are a really big help

  12. Thank you for making my life easier. I believed as a spanish teacher we need to teach hitting the three senors of students learning visual, hearing and kinesthetic learning. I believe you help me with all three. I like the interactive learning , since my name is Mrs Jordan, My High school students have had a kick knowing that we are both Spanish teachers and have the same name. ( they think your my husband). 🙂 lol./… whatever works… thank you for everything again love all of your videos especially El MONO… I donated because your a big part of my lesson in the classroom and you explain stem changing better than I do. have a blessed day.

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