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Present Tense – Gustar (all forms) + activities

Hola. It’s been awhile but I hope you’re still finding these videos helpful. So far we’ve learned how to say “I like” (me gusta) and “You like” (te gusta) in Spanish.  But now it’s time to learn how to talk about other people’s likes and dislikes. Enjoy!

Feel free to add any questions or comments. Or practice your own sentences with gustar.

Additional help: (click on pictures for bigger versions)
gustar graphic 1 png2

gustar graphic 2 png


  • amable – nice, kind
  • chistoso – funny
  • con – with
  • cortar el pasto – to cut the grass
  • cuando – when
  • diferente – different
  • el parque – the park
  • el queso – cheese
  • en – in, on, at
  • eres – you are
  • hace calor – it’s hot (outside)
  • ir al cine – to go to the movies
  • ir al parque de diversiones – to go to the amusement park
  • jugar al ajedrez – to play chess
  • jugar a las damas – to play checkers
  • jugar a las cartas – to play cards
  • jugar al básquetbol – to play basketball
  • jugar al béisbol – to play baseball
  • *jugar al fútbol – to play soccer
  • jugar al fútbol americano – to play(american) football
  • jugar al golf – to play golf
  • jugar al tenis – to play tennis
  • jugar al voleibol – to play volleyball
  • jugar videojuegos – to play videogames
  • la bicicleta – the bicycle
  • la manzana – the apple
  • las camisas – shirts
  • las chicas – girls
  • las hamburguesas – hamburgers
  • las muchachas – the girls
  • las películas de comedia – funny movies
  • las verduras – vegetables
  • llueve – it rains
  • los amigos – friends
  • mucho – a lot
  • muy – very
  • pero – but
  • ¿por qué? – why
  • porque – because
  • quién – who
  • rubio – blond haired
  • su(s) – his / her /their / your

*I understand that almost everywhere else in the world except for in the United States, the sport is called “football.”

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11 Responses

  1. Yes, sir it’s been awhile, we really miss your tutorials they are very helpful. Its good to hear from you again. thanks for the new video.

  2. by the way, when I convert your videos to mp3 I don’t very good quality voice I think if you use a separate device to record the voice then add it to the video you will have a better voice in the videos.

  3. Hola! Yo estoy nueve estudiante a ti. Puedes Hacer un video por Los possessivo pronombre, por favor?
    I have tried hard to frame my request in espanol. Hope it is verdad.
    Your videos are the best!

  4. I am using your videos (this and the “jugar” in the present tense) yet again to support my students! I have multiple SPED students who find your calm voice and clear explanations with simple graphics to be an immense boost. All students can play and replay your videos. (Your current survey about tee shirts… I would have loved your “cinco de mayo” shirt.) Thank you for all you do. If you and your family are ever in Newport News, Virginia, please feel free to visit Denbigh High School. I’d be happy to share my resources with you. If you use a “Smartboard” you are welcome to anything I’ve created.

  5. Thanks for your long time support and viewing of my vids! 😉

    It turns out the “Cinco de Mayo” shirt wasn’t actually my design.

    I’ll possibly be working on more designs in the future though!

    -Sr. J

  6. My kids and I could simply NOT wrap our minds around how this word worked from the curriculum we are using and your video cleared it all up for us. ¡Muchas gracias!

  7. Hola Senor Jordan. I enjoy very much listening to your videos. My question is about videogames. Other games and sports have al, a las, etc. before the game or sport. But for video games it is simply “jugar videojuegos”. Is there a grammatical reason for this, or is it simply an exception to the rule?

  8. Thanks for watching! So you CAN say:
    jugar [activity]
    jugar + [al / a la] + [activity]

    In the case of videogames, you can say:
    jugar a los videojuegos
    jugar videojuegos

    Hope that helps!

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