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03 Present Subjunctive – Introduction

A lot of people have been requesting a series on the subjunctive! So here is the intro to the series. In this I go over a concept that kind of blew my mind when I heard it from a college professor.

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4 Responses

  1. Where are you?? I love watching you teach. Hope all is ok. Once again, great explanation for a complicated concept.

  2. I love your videos! I was wondering if you could create a reference chart for the subjunctive similar to the one you created for the preterit. My students use it all the time!

  3. Hello! Do you have a recommended resource for learning present perfect subjunctive? Your videos have really helped me in Spanish 3, now I am taking Spanish 4 and there is so much more being thrown at us in a short amount of time. Woo College !

    My toddler likes your El Mono series, by the way!

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