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03 Present Subjunctive – R in WEIRDOS

As we continue talking about the present subjunctive, we find that there is a useful acronym: WEIRDOS, which can helps us remember many of the instances where we will need the present subjunctive.

In this lesson, we’re going to go over the R in WEIRDOS, which stands for Recommendations, & Requests. So check out the video and practice afterwards to check your understanding!

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Explanation video:

Practice 1: (in context)

Miguel is trying his hand at online dating. In need of advice, he turns to his friends! See if you can figure out which of their pieces of advice are bad ideas! (Follow Miguel in the rest of the series!)

Practice 2:

Determine what Lucas’ advice would be in his column: Querido Lucas.

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Annie Welch
8 years ago

WOW, now that I’m writing you, I’m realizing what a rock star you are to me! Am excited just to be asking a question, ha ha. So I’ve been looking thru your videos for help with darse cuenta usage. Do you have one that explains this? Am glad too that I was directed to your website from youtube and found out I can buy one of your coolio t-shirts. Thanks for making Spanish so much easier to learn. You must have a lot of patience to repeat things so many times. You’re incredible, thank you! From one of your many fans, Anita


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