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03 Present Subjunctive – D in WEIRDOS

In this lesson, we’re going to go over the D in WEIRDOS, which stands for Doubt, Denial & Disbelief. So check out the video and practice afterwards to check your understanding!

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Explanation video:

Practice 1: (in context)

Miguel’s story continues. As his date approaches, full of doubts about what his friends suggested to him about Susana. Figure out which are his doubts based on the pictures.

Practice 2:

Figure out if a doubt is used or not based on if the subjunctive is used in the second clause (part of sentence). #ChuckNorris

Let me know if you enjoyed the videos below or if they were helpful! Dudo que puedas encontrar un recurso mejor de las dudas y el subjuntivo. (See What I Did There?)

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